If there are any among you who think Jason and I would be good
parents, I would like to submit this story as exhibit "A":

The kittens were getting older, friskier, and sexually mature. Frankly,
we thought that they were gay. Very, very , VERY gay. Seriously, these cats are so
close that they prefer to bathe each other instead of bathing themselves,
and I won't go into the graphic details of their other various and interesting displays of affection.

This past November, we decided it was time to get them nuetered.  Unfortunately, we could not nueter Terrance, because apparently, she was a girl. So now we call her "Terry" - short fo Theresa.

How could this happen? Well, the lady who sold them to us, looked at each one of them in the crotch and said "Oh yeah, that one is a boy". We took her word for it, because frankly, we were completely uninterested in staring at kitty crotches for ourselves.

The lady also handed us a copy of their vaccination confirmation, which had a list of about a dozen kittens she took in to get vaccinated a month. Granted, it cleary said "Tabby - Female", and there was only one tabby in the group, but hey...   Sufficed to say, Jason and I were quite embarrassed.

Rest assured that if  we do have kids, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that the proper gender is authorized by a doctor, notorized, and confirmed verbally on a monthly basis by our children.
Kendale Lakes